Enable LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn application

Subscribe to the Developer Plantform. Then create a new application from here (opens in a new tab)

Once created the application, fill all required info in the "Settings" section:

Alt text

Then go to the "Products" section and enable Share on LinkedIn and Sign In with LinkedIn using OpenID Connect

Alt text

Finally, go to the "Auth" section and set the list of callback url:

  • http://localhost:3000/api/auth/callback/linkedin for local development
  • https://_reposter_url_/api/auth/callback/linkedin for local production

Finally grab values inside "Authentication keys" section and get:

  • Client ID and fill the LINKEDIN_CLIENT_ID variable in the .env file
  • Primary Client Secret and fill the LINKEDIN_CLIENT_SECRET variable in the .env file

In the "OAuth 2.0 scopes" you should see these scopes:

  • openid
  • profile
  • w_member_social
  • email

Alt text